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  • Ending Non-Judicious Uses of Antibiotics in Agriculture


    Infectious diseases physicians, public health experts and others are greatly concerned about non-judicious uses of antibiotics in agriculture and particularly in food animals. The relationship between antibiotic-resistant infections in humans and antibiotic use in agriculture is complex, but well-documented.  A large and compelling body of scientific evidence demonstrates that antibiotic use in agriculture contributes to the emergence of resistant bacteria and their spread to humans. IDSA is working to eliminate inappropriate uses of antibiotics in food animals and other aspects of agriculture and aquaculture. This includes ending the use of antibiotics for growth promotion, feed efficiency, and routine disease prevention purposes in food animals; requiring prescriptions and veterinary oversight of all antibiotics given to animals; and ensuring that antibiotic use in all animals, similar to human medicine, is carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian.

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