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  • Alexander Fleming Award Winners 

    Current Winner

    Barbara E. Murray BARBARA E. MURRAY, MD, FIDSA, a leading authority on the role of enterococci in infectious diseases, from the bench to the bedside, is the recipient of IDSA’s 2017 Alexander Fleming Award for Lifetime Achievement. This award recognizes a career that reflects major contributions to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about infectious diseases.

    Starting with her first publications in the late 1970s and continuing to the present, Dr. Murray’s investigations have outlined the basic science that forms much of the foundation for our current understanding of the genetic basis and mechanisms of enterococcal drug resistance and pathogenesis. She is recognized globally for her extensive research in enterococcal resistance, genotyping, genomics, and virulence factors. Her contributions have established many of the modern therapeutic paradigms for these important pathogens. Dr. Murray also has expanded our knowledge of antimicrobial resistance in many other key bacterial pathogens. Her impact extends to new antibiotic development as well, through efforts to help characterize new and promising compounds using a substantial collection of susceptible and resistant organisms that she maintains and through guidance to pharmaceutical companies.

    The recipient of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) MERIT Award, Dr. Murray’s research has had NIH funding for over 25 years. Her published articles, which number over 300, have been cited more than 23,000 times, and she writes the enterococcal chapters for infectious diseases and internal medicine text and on-line books. An active leader in the field at the local, national, and international levels, she has served on the Food and Drug Administration’s AntiIDSA Society Awards Infective Drugs Advisory Committee, the NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee—for which she also served as chair—and NIH’s Bacteriology and Mycology Study Section. She has been a member of several additional NIH committees and data safety and monitoring boards for clinical trials around the world.

    An IDSA Maxwell Finland Lecturer in 1996, Dr. Murray was president of IDSA from 2013 to 2014 and served on the IDSA Board of Directors in multiple roles, including as treasurer for six years and as secretary for three years. Since 2015, she has been chair of the Society’s Antimicrobial Resistance Committee. Her numerous honors have included visiting professorships and named lectures at academic medical centers across the country. She has been elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation, serving as the organization’s vice president, and to the Association of American Physicians, and served three years as the scientific program chair for Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. A current associate editor for Clinical Infectious Diseases, she also served as an editor for Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy for 10 years and is on the editorial boards of several other prominent journals in the field.

    Dr. Murray is the J. Ralph Meadows Professor in Internal Medicine and director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. After earning her medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, she completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, followed by clinical and research fellowships in infectious diseases at Massachusetts General and Harvard Medical School. Since 1980, Dr. Murray has been on the faculty of the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. She has directly sponsored or mentored more than 50 trainees in the field, adding to her enduring legacy.

    Widely recognized for her significant contributions spanning microbial physiology, virulence, antimicrobial resistance, and drug development throughout her career, Dr. Murray’s achievements have had an enormous impact on the field. IDSA is proud to honor her with the 2017 Alexander Fleming Award for Lifetime Achievement.

     Past Award Winners

    2016 Carol J. Baker, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA, FPIDS
    P. Frederick Sparling, MD, FIDSA
    2015 Anne Gershon, MD, FPIDS, FIDSA
    2014 Martin J. Blaser, MD, FIDSA
    2013 King K. Holmes, MD, FIDSA
    2012     Martin S. Hirsch, MD, FIDSA
    2011 Barton F. Haynes, MD, FIDSA
    2010 Herbert L. DuPont, MD, FIDSA
    2009 Arnold S. Monto, MD, FIDSA 
    2008       Robert C. Moellering, Jr., MD, FIDSA 
    2007 Sherwood L. Gorbach, MD, FIDSA
    2006 Merle A. Sande, MD, FIDSA
    2005 John G. Bartlett, MD
    2004 Stanley A. Plotkin, MD
    2003 Bennett Lorber, MD
    2002 Gerald T. Keusch, MD
    2001 William A. Craig, MD
    2000 Gerald L. Mandell, MD
    1999 Anthony S. Fauci, MD
    1998 Vincent Andriole, MD
    1997 Andre J. Nahmias, MD
    1996 Jack S. Remington, MD
    1995 Jerome Klein, MD
    1994 Paul Quie, MD
    1993 Seymour Klebanoff, MD
    1992 Sheldon Wolff, MD
    1991 Theodore Woodward, MD, MACP
    1990 George McCracken, Jr., MD
    1989 Willy Burgdorfer, PhD, MD
    1988 Samuel Katz, MD
    1987 Sydney Finegold, MD
    1986 Robert Austrian, MD
    1985 Elisha Atkins, MD
    1984 Morton Swartz, MD
    1983 Wesley Spink, MD
    1982 Edward Kass, MD, PhD, MS
    1981 Jay Sanford, MD
    1980 Thomas Weller, MD, MS
    1979 Gordon Meikeljohn, MS
    1978 Louis Weinstein, MD, PhD
    1977 William Kirby, MD
    1976 Saul Krugman, MD
    1975 Harry Dowling, MD
    1974 Lawrence Sherwood, MD
    1973 Charles Rammelkamp, MD
    1972 Paul Beeson, MD
    1971 Colin MacLeod, MD
    1970 K. F. Meyer, PhD, DVM
    1969 Thomas Francis, MD
    1968 John Dingle, MD
    1967 Chester Keefer, MD
    1966 Maxwell Finland, MD
    1965 W. Barry Wood, MD
    1964 Ellard Yow, MD



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