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  • Implications of the Supreme Court’s Decision for People with HIV

    The Supreme Court is expected to release its much anticipated ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care on Thursday, June 28th. The ruling could go in many different directions from upholding the entire law to striking down the requirement that individuals purchase insurance (or individual mandate) to striking down the Medicaid expansion to striking down the entire law.

    The Affordable Care Act would address the failings of the current health system by expanding Medicaid to all low-income people, creating open, competitive, fair marketplaces for uninsured and underinsured individuals and families to purchase private insurance and providing subsidies to lower income individuals to make insurance affordable.

    An estimated 1.2 million people are living with HIV in the U.S. and need access to high-quality, uninterrupted health care to stay healthy, reduce new HIV infections, and cut long-term health care costs.

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