Organizations Call for Reversal of Administration Policy Bypassing CDC with COVID-19 Data

More than 100 public health, science, research and medical organizations are urging the White House  to reverse a new policy that would divert COVID-19 patient data collection from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

House Appropriations Committee Fiscal Year 2021 Labor Health and Human Services Funding Bill Recognizes New and Ongoing Health Threats, With Some Gaps

The House Labor Health and Human Services funding bill for fiscal year 2021 passed in committee this week reflects recognition of the crisis presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and of the importance of limiting its impacts.

Withdrawal from WHO Leaves U.S. More Vulnerable to COVID-19 and Future Pandemics

The administration’s decision to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization comes at a juncture of the COVID-19 pandemic when more than 12.1 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and more than 550,000 people have died worldwide.

HIVMA Stands with Science and Anthony Fauci, MD

We have been very fortunate to have Dr. Anthony Fauci at the helm directing infectious diseases research at NIH for so many years. His leadership and support of a rigorous scientific process has been critical to transforming HIV from a death sentence to a chronic condition​, saving millions of lives worldwide.

Response from IDSA President to New COVID-19 Data Reporting Protocol

Reports that the administration has established a procedure that would remove the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a recipient of data on patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are troubling and, if implemented, will undermine our nation’s public health experts.

Infectious Diseases Society of America and the HIV Medicine Association Call for Evidence-based Decisions on School Re-openings

As societies of infectious diseases physicians, scientists, public health practitioners and frontline health providers, we recognize the need to balance concerns surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with community concerns

HIVMA Chair Responds to U.S. WHO Withdrawal

The administration’s decision to withdraw from the WHO will not only leave the United States more vulnerable to COVID-19 and future pandemics, but it will be a major setback to our efforts to control the HIV pandemic here at home and abroad.

Infectious Diseases Specialists Call on Public to Wear a Mask, Slow the Spread of COVID-19

As the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to climb, the Infectious Diseases Society of America and its HIV Medicine Association implore the public to take the only simple and effective steps we have to slow the spread of the coronavirus and save lives – key among them, wear a mask.

CDC Experts Need More Involvement in COVID-19, Not Less

Reports that the White House may be considering significantly reducing the role of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are deeply concerning.

Withdrawal of Transgender Protections in ACA Reinforces Health Care Inequities

The rules in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act barring discrimination by health insurers and providers against transgender people offered essential protections for a population facing significant barriers to health care.

Re-openings, Protests Highlight Need for Renewed Attention to COVID-19 Precautions, Prevention, Preparedness

As strict stay-at-home orders are suspended in states across the country and mass calls for racial justice continue to bring large numbers of people together, individual protective measures as well as responsive public policies and resources will be paramount to controlling the spread of COVID-19.

Counties With Greatest COVID-19 Caseloads Have Few or No Infectious Diseases Physicians

As the numbers of physicians specializing in infectious diseases continues to fall short of need, nearly two-thirds of Americans live in areas with little or no access to an infectious diseases specialist, according to a study published online today in the Annals of Internal Medicine.