Scientific Advances in HIV Signal Need for Continued Investment

Breakthrough research presented at the International AIDS Society’s 2023 Conference on HIV Science in Brisbane, Australia this week demonstrates the significant advances and scientific achievements recently made in HIV science.

House LHHS Appropriations Bill Harmful to the HIV Response

House LHHS Appropriations Bill Harmful to the HIV Response HIVMA calls on the Senate to preserve funding for the Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative, Ryan White Program, NIH other essential programs, including PrEP access at the CDC.

IDSA and HIVMA on Preventive Care Ruling

Today’s ruling striking down the preventive services provision of the Affordable Care Act is a major setback to ending HIV as an epidemic and for improving the health of Americans by preventing the spread of other infectious diseases in the United States.

Providers, Advocates Call for New Strategies to Improve Access to HIV Care

A significant number of people with HIV are left out of the health system, and new delivery models are needed to improve their access to needed care, according to a new report released by the HIV Medicine Association.

HIVMA Applauds FDA’s New Blood Donor Guidelines

HIVMA Chair Michelle Cespedes, MD, MS welcomes the release of new draft guidance recommending deferrals based on individual risk assessment rather than a broad exclusion of an entire community.

HIV Care Interventions Crucial to Reducing Life Expectancy Disparities Between White and Black MSM with HIV

The life expectancy  of non-Hispanic Black men who have sex with men  and who acquire HIV is 6.3 years shorter than their White counterparts when receiving status quo HIV care in the United States, according to simulation modeling findings presented at IDWeek.

HIVMA Names Michelle Cespedes, MD, MS, as Chair of its Board of Directors

HIVMA is pleased to announce new Board members and Michelle Cespedes, MD, MS as chair beginning Oct. 24.

HIVMA Recognizes Excellence in HIV Clinical Education and Research With 2022 Awards

HIVMA honors David Spach, MD and Sara Bares, MD for contributions to HIV clinical education and research.

IDSA Statement on Global Fund Replenishment

IDSA and HIVMA are pleased that global efforts to end the HIV, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics received much needed investment at the seventh replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Protecting Patient Autonomy and the Provider-Patient Relationship

IDSA and HIVMA strongly oppose government interference in the patient-health care provider relationship and religious refusal laws and regulations that allow health care professionals, employers, systems or insurers to deny access to services based on their own personal religious beliefs.

Denial of Coverage for PrEP is Dangerous and Unacceptable

HIVMA is deeply disturbed by today’s ruling by a U.S. District Court judge that allows employers in Texas to deny health care coverage for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis — a highly effective biomedical intervention for preventing HIV infection.

HIVMA Applauds Federal Implementation Plan to End HIV Epidemic, Calls for Workforce Summit and Appropriate Congressional Funding

HIVMA welcomes the release of the comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy Federal Implementation Plan that provides an important road map for reducing new HIV infections by 90% by 2030.