Societies Urge FDA Advisory Committee to Maintain Standard, Existing and Transparent Process for COVID-19 Vaccine Review

The authorization or licensure of a COVID-19 vaccine must include the highest standards of thorough and transparent review to ensure the safety and effectiveness as well as the acceptance and uptake of an immunization against the novel coronavirus.

IDSA Supports Leading Health Authorities in Calling for Safe Celebrations this Holiday Season

In communities seeing rising numbers of new coronavirus infections, illnesses and deaths, as well as in areas thankful for hard-earned gains against the pandemic, protecting yourselves and each other must remain at the center of holiday plans this season to curtail the spread and resurgence of COVID-19.

Health Care Service Innovations Propelled by the Pandemic Offer Permanent Promise, Journal Papers Show

While posing potential and realized disruptions to a range of health services, the COVID-19 pandemic also drove the accelerated development of promising and responsive health service delivery innovations, two papers published this month in Clinical Infectious Diseases show.

“Herd Immunity” is Not an Answer to a Pandemic

Promoting the concept of “herd immunity” as framed in a recently circulated document as an answer to the COVID-19 pandemic is inappropriate, irresponsible and ill-informed. “Community immunity,” or “herd immunity,” a goal of vaccination campaigns, should never come at the cost of planned exposure to infection of millions of additional people

Medical Societies Call for Treatment Approvals Based on Science

While the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 continue to highlight needs for new and proven tools to combat the spread and effects of this novel coronavirus, the development, evaluation and use of treatment strategies must be guided by science.

HIVMA Names Rajesh Gandhi, MD, FIDSA as Chair of its Board of Directors

The HIV Medicine Association is pleased to announce the election of six members to its Board of Directors and to name Rajesh Gandhi, MD, FIDSA as its new Chair.

Groups Call for FDA to Maintain Independent Authority, Transparency in COVID-19 Vaccine Approvals

In a letter to U.S. Food and Drug Administration leaders today, more than 90 organizations representing physicians and other health providers, as well as scientists, patients and medical advocates, urge the agency to ensure that reviews of COVID-19 vaccine candidates meet all regulatory standards prior to authorization or licensure.

The 75th United Nations General Assembly Opening Underscores Needs for Multilateral Health Responses

As the United Nations General Assembly opens for the first time in its 75-year history without an on-site gathering of world leaders, the critical need for international collaboration to end the current pandemic and prevent the next one should be clearer and more compelling than ever.

Infectious Diseases and HIV Specialists Call for Urgent Policy Action to Reduce Harms of Injection Drug Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In a new policy paper, IDSA and HIVMA call for urgent action to reduce illness and death associated with the overlapping epidemics of injection drug use and infectious diseases, outlining key steps needed now more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Infectious Diseases Specialists to FDA: Don’t Cut Corners in COVID-19 Vaccine Approval

The Infectious Diseases Society of America and its HIV Medicine Association are urging the Food and Drug Administration to ensure rigorous safety and efficacy data support the approval of a COVID-19 vaccine before its widespread use by the public.  

IDSA/HIVMA Statement on Changes to CDC Guidance

IDSA and HIVMA call for the immediate reversal of the abrupt revision of the CDC COVID-19 testing guidelines which diminish the importance of testing asymptomatic individuals who were exposed to COVID-19. The revision is concerning, particularly as the United States continues to lead the world in confirmed cases and deaths, with more than 5.8 million cases and nearly 180,000 lives lost to the virus.

Three Decades of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Have Set an Example, and a Path Forward

Today we mark the 30th anniversary of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, a lifesaving program passed as the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act by Congress in 1990 with overwhelming bipartisan support, in response to a deadly virus made all the more destructive by stigma and misinformation.