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IDSA and HIVMA Lead Call for Data-driven Public Health and Medical Responses to COVID-19

As infectious diseases and HIV specialists on the frontlines of responses to COVID-19 across the country, members of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and its HIV Medicine Association welcome the president's announcement Sunday that he has amended his projected duration for stay-at-home and physical distancing guidelines to last at least through April based on medical and public health guidance.

With a letter signed by 60 organizations representing health professionals, patients, and advocates, and with a petition signed by more than 2,000 individuals to date, IDSA and HIVMA are leading a call for President Trump to ensure that all of his administration’s responses to the ongoing public health crises posed by the spread of COVID-19 are based on the most current medical and public health guidance available. As health professionals confronting the grim and tragic consequences of uncontained and escalating outbreaks of a new virus for which no vaccination or proven treatment yet exist, we are urging the President and Vice President Pence to continue to respond, and, where needed and advised, strengthen responses to scientific expertise and to data showing:

  • Continuing needs for rigorous public health measures that include consistent and effective social distancing guidelines, and measures that support and enforce their uniform compliance;
  • For the equipment necessary to protect health workers, treat patients and save lives;
  • And to reinforce responses with meaningful economic, nutritional and educational support for all Americans whose lives and livelihoods are disrupted by efforts to control this pandemic.

The organizational letter and the public petition were presented to the President today, March 30. We continue to gather signatures on the petition. Please considering adding your name.

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